Monday, November 12, 2007

NEW HEBREW WORD - Named For Condi Rice used by Israeli Government Officials - Means Meetings that Accomplish Nothing

New Hebrew word named for Condeleezza Rice
The long build-up to Annapolis, together with Rice's many trips to the region, have given birth to a new verb in Israeli government circles: "lecondel," based on Rice's first name. People say that they don't have time to "lecondel" - meaning, to come and go for meetings that produce few results.

  • Int'l Herald Tribune
  • NY Times
  • Arutz Sheva
  • Condi Rice Calls (Terror Group) Hamas a 'Resistance Movement' for 4th Time! ; Jewish Media Remains Silent

    Rice again calls Hamas 'resistance' movement for the fourth time in recent months
    Rice again calls Hamas 'resistance' movement; 4th time in recent months Condi avoids terrorist label in unscripted remarks - by Aaron Klein

    Aloof Jewish Media still giving her a free pass...

    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Rice Once Again Refers to Hamas As Resistance Movement. This the Fourth Time; Equates Iraq and 'Palestine' as Entities

    "And what you've at least got now in Palestine and what you've at least got in Iraq now is contestation between healthy political forces and more radical forces.
    Hamas loved it when it could run the streets, faces covered, toting a few guns, and no responsibility for what happened to the Palestinian people. They were the great resistance force, and their only purpose in life was to threaten Israel."
    - Dr. Condi Rice, Interview with the Dallas Morning News, November 9th, 2007

    !?!? Condi Rice: Golan up for negotiation

    What the heck?


    Archaeologists announced the discovery of the walls of the Prophet Nehemiah uncovered during a recent dig. Of course the Jewish Media are very slow to pick up the story, when the Christian blogs are all over it.

    Bush: Uproot Jews, Give PLO a Contiguous State

    Ignorance is far from bliss. Somethings never change.

    No Alternate Side For observance of Tuesday

    Clyde Haberman does suspension of Alternate Side parkings rules for obscure observances and religious holidays

    Rabbi: Shalom Auslander and noah Feldman are My Fault

    Of pizza, lattes and chocolate cake.
    Rabbinical COuncil of America spokesperson, Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg of Kews Gardens Hills and currently SAR Hebrew Academy, does a 'mea culpa' concerning the recent controversies over the writings of Shalom Auslander and even Noah Feldman. From a simple read, it seems as though Rabbi Rosenberg feels responsible for their religious rebellion for when as their Teacher in high school he did not provide a congruous form of what he received as student via bayit cham.

    Fred Thompson: I Won't Be President

    Even Fred Thompson doubts he'll be president
    Sure, setting low expectations is an old political trick so that the outcome looks better, but uh...this is a bit much for the clown who was supposedly the GOP savior and saving grace in a pool of candidates that is just one big incoherent divided mess.

    Thursday, November 8, 2007

    I'd Rather Pray and Sing...

    Good ... Grief.

    When they came for the jews, the didn't ask who was smart and who was ignorant and who was just plain dumb

    tell us, how much to you really hate Hillary?
    Rest assured, there are plenty of orthodox jews, torah jews and frumme yidden who are just as embarassed by these bretheren as we are.

    WE LOVE THE (homeless) TROOPS!

    News flash: 1 out of every 4 homeless people in America are Veterans. One in four. Hows that for taking care of our troops?

    And to think that the new spin on all 8 years of "pre 9/11" Rudy Giuliani is about how he "cleaned up" midtown by waging war on the squeegie men and turning homelessness into a crime.

    Wednesday, November 7, 2007


    If rogue websites can manufacture advertisement headlines that terrorists endorse Hillary, why can't bloggers do the same? After all, Pat Robertson did say that America deserved 9/11 - a sentiment echoed by the terrorists, and now the self righteous partisan hack has officially endorsed Saint Nineleven himself, Rudy Giuliani for president.

    Thats right people, an advocate of the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans wants the man who has abused those deaths for his own political gain to be this nations leader. Giuliani has gleefully accepted the support of this notorious bigot, whose antagonistic and intolerant views are in lockstep with his late great friend Jerry Falwell.

    Thursday, November 1, 2007


    Twisted Logic and Rhetoric lacking Substance Prevails...

    PERFECTED JEWS! The Ann Coulter Music Video

    Perfected - The Ann Coulter song and video

    The JTA just did a profile of the Song's creator, Leach Kaufman, also the voice behind the infamous "Obama Girl" video.

    FREE RICE! (But Not Condi)


    • Did you know that Bill Clinton supposedly wrote the secret Arab Israeli peace accords forged in Oslo, Norway?
    • Did you know that a former US President supposedly "gets money" from Osama Bin Laden?
    • Did you know that Rudy Giuliani apparantly kicked Arafat at an important meeting?
    • Did you know that The Jewish Press and Palestinian Terrorists endorse the same candidates for US Office?
    • Did you know that Senator Hillary Clinton got herpes from greeeting Suha Arafat?
    • Did you know that Condi Rice is has mad crush on Mahmoud Abbas?
    • Did you know that Abbas, is supposedly a much better non-terrorist than Arafat?
    Neither did we. Boy are we ignorant.
    Read the facts, and only the facts as they can only be explained, by the honest, knowlegable, intelligent truth seekers, lurking the so-called heimishe blogs.

    Friday, October 19, 2007


    So in her latest pathetic attempt to misquote herself and further alienate all the other religions, Ann Coulter has made eeven further preposterous accusations and ideas as facts she has completely invented. In order to try and lash out at those who were offended and blasted the half naked emaciated peroxide scalp shrill for her completely inccorecttheological tirade on jews and christians, Coulter went so far as to say that Jews beleive jesus was a raving lunatic. She said this, in a feeble attempt to prove the point that although jews (supposedly, only in Coulter world) think her g-d was a raving lunatic, she is not offended, but though she legitimately should be.

    Sorry Ann, hate to burst your bubble this jew doesn' think Jesus was a raving lunatic. In fact, he doesnt even think the perfect followers are raving lunatics.

    As Ann Coulter though, "raving lunatic" would be an understatement.
    coulter: But Judaism, as I explained -- Christians accept the Old Testament. Jews don't accept the New Testament, so, you know, as long as we're playing this new sport of "he who is offended first wins," if anyone's going to be offended by anyone else's religion, the Jews believe that my savior, a Jew, was a raving lunatic, and you don't see me sniffling and crying.

    MEDVED: OK, be --

    COULTER: Somehow we manage to get along without slitting one another's throats.

    MEDVED: OK. Be careful, because I'm sure this is gonna come back. You don't really want to say -- because Jews do not -- traditional Jews do not really believe --

    COULTER: Well --

    MEDVED: -- that Jesus was a raving lunatic.

    COULTER: I'm glad you don't mention it, but I think you have to.

    MEDVED: OK, can we avoid getting into that particular argument, Ann, because -- no you don't.

    COULTER: OK, except that my point is I'm not sniffling and crying. These are -- this is what the Old Testament and the New Testament are. You're the chosen people with, you know, Moses taking you out to the desert. We believe all that, all that. The Old Testament anticipates a Christ.

    MEDVED: OK, we're coming --

    COULTER: You say we --

    MEDVED: Hold on. Hold on --

    COULTER: -- got the wrong guy.

    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Republicans Stink

    The republican party has proven once again that they DO NOT GIVE A DARN about middle class American children who might be sick and do not have health insurance.
    If there was one recurring issue upon which to be a single issue voter, this is it. Furthermore, party members in the 11th hour of the schip bush veto overturn push, resorted to despicably inane tactics.


    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Barack Obama and Dick Cheney Are Mishapacha Too

    Lynn Cheney: Barack and Dick are Related

    In an interview on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Cheney said that in the course of researching her husband's genealogy for her new book, "Blue Skies, No Fences," she discovered that the two public figures share an ancestor eight generations ago.
    "Think about this," Mrs. Cheney said. "This is such an amazing American story that one ancestor, a man that came to Maryland, could be responsible down the family line for lives that have taken such different and varied paths as Dick's and Barack Obama's."
    But Obama's family ties to the Bush administration don't stop with Cheney. According to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times last September, Obama is also an 11th cousin of the president himself. The two share a 17th century Massachusetts relative.


    Right now.

    Who said it?

    a) Bill Clinton
    b) Jimmy Carter
    c) Mahmoud Abbas
    d) Condi Rice

    It seems Dr. Rice and her favorite huggy buddy Abbas are out to make Bushie's lasting legacy...

    All she cares about is Bushie's legacy (which she has clearly stated in the past) and her hugging buddy Abbas' state. Not Israel's security and certainly not peace. Just a state. And "contentious" demands? I'm sorry but last I checked, basic security was not a "contentious demand" but a "right to life." And the GOP Jews still kiss her and Bushie's feet. Imagine if Hillary Clinton or John Kerry or Al Gore dared to say any of these things.

    Monday, October 15, 2007


    Bloggers Unite -  Blog Action Day

    Christian Evangelical Leader: Ann Coulter is WRONG, INEPT IN THEOLOGY AND MUST APOLOGIZE

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- National Clergy Council president and chair of the Committee on Church and Society for the Evangelical Church Alliance, the Reverend Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK), released this statement today in response to author and commentator Anne Coulter's remarks on the Danny Deutsch Show:

    "Anne Coulter may do many things well, but one thing she definitely does not do well is theology or Bible scholarship. Anne's comments to Danny Deutsch were inaccurate, inappropriate and a disservice to the Gospel. Anne needs to unequivocally apologize for entering an arena where she is inept. It's time for Anne to humble herself and admit she blew it."

    Schenck, who grew up Jewish and converted to Christianity 35 years ago, holds degrees in Bible and Theology, Christian ministry and Divinity. A conservative Christian, he holds ministerial affiliation with the Evangelical Church Alliance, America's oldest association of Evangelical clergy.

    Coulter Defends Herself, Calls Deutsch Stupid Jew; NJDC Challenges GOP Candidates Ahead of Photo Ops; Vox Slanders JComm

    1. NEW Coulter Defends: Coulter: "I don't think most Jews are as stupid as Donny Deutsch"
    1. Jewish Democratic Group challenges republican presidential candidates to condemn coulter prior to their addressing a jewish republican audience on tuesday
    1. Vox Day / Worldnetdaily Defends Coulter; Slanders Jews, Sites Walt and Mershiamer!
    Jews also make up seven percent of the current House of Representatives, 13 percent of the Senate, and, according to John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, authors of "The Israel Lobby," roughly 100 percent of George W. Bush's foreign policy advisers. One hopes that Mr. Forman's co-religionists have the wisdom to ignore his demand for the shunning of Miss Coulter as the Israel lobby's petulant demand for a third Middle East war, this time in explicit defense of Israel rather than U.S. national security, already has the potential to severely divide America's Jews from the rest of the country, Christians and nonChristians alike.

    America is still quite friendly towards Jews, but the incessant attacks on Christianity by the likes of Deutsch, Forman and Abe Foxman have grown increasingly tiresome. Given this irritating behavior, and the historical fact that Jews have worn out their welcome in literally dozens of countries over the centuries, it is the height of foolishness for a small number of misguided individuals to demand that 80 percent of the American population remain silent about the tenets of its religious faith. Christians are dying for their faith in the Sudan, in North Korea, in China, Vietnam and Myanmar; they are not about to shut their mouths simply because a few Jews in the media disapprove of their beliefs.
    You might recall Mr. Day from such doozies as comparing the solution to America's Immigration numbers to Hitler's solving of the 'problem' of Jewish numbers in Germany.

    Rudy's Failure

    Friday, October 12, 2007


    Menken Discovers Parrots Have Large Beaks

    I hope Donny Deutsch does indeed run for NYC Mayor in 2009, as was speculated a few months back.

    Ann Coulter isn't hateful and nasty, but Disney villians are!

    Al Gore Min Hatorah Minayin

    Enviromental sensitivity is NOT a political issue! It never was! 10-15 years ago it had nothing to do with partisan poltics.

    Environmental concsiousness happens to be a Jewish concept ten fold.
    Al Gore Min Hatorah Minayin?

    Let us count the ways (compiled courtesy of our friends at coejl)

    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    BREAKING: WTC Bomber is now a PERFECT JEW (?)

    According to Matt Drudge, Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind opf the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, has seen the light while rotting in American prison, and has converted to Christianity, which according to conservative spokesperson Ann Coulter, makes him a perfect Christian, which is a step up from "imperfect jew."

    The One Thing Rudy & Hillary Have In Common - Gerry Ferraro

    What is the one thing Hillary and Rudy have in common? No, it is not New York or that they both want to rule the world.
    If nominated (for president of vice president) Rudy Giuliani, would not be the first Italian Catholic on the national ticket.
    If notminated (for president or vice president) Hillary Clinton would not be the first woman on the national ticket.
    The first woman and first Italian Catholic ever on the national ticket was Geraldine Ferraro, who was the democratic vice presidential nominee in 1984 running on the ticket with vice president Walter Mondale. (I still have a "Mondale Ferraro" button somwhere in a box of old toys).

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    Ann Coulter Disses Jews (Katherine Harris Style)

    Boy this rant was loaded.
    She is such an evil pshyco. It's all here.
    NJDC is calling for a boycott.

    UPDATE: Video Link | QT (Warning: the Religious moral authority figure is dressed like a street skank as usual).
    Whatch the whole thing, it's unbelieveable.

    Nappy Headed? Maccaca? Hello?

    ROTFLMAO! (truthfully)

    Update: 11

    Romney, Rudy, GOP Hopefuls have no patience for the disabeled

    The Great Jack Bauer Arrested For Being Stupid

    It seems actor Keifer Sutherland was arrested last night for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating substances.
    I never liked Jack Bauer or people who didn't stop talking about him.

    Monday, October 8, 2007


    Democrats or Republicans? Who Backs Israel? Bushies, or Clintons? Oh, the irony of it all.

    Hillary Supported Israel, Condi Didnt.

    Who ever thought we would see the day in which HILLARY CLINTON would fully support Israel and it's military action - an attack on Syria to take out nuclear devices - Only to find out a few days later that Bush administration's own CONDI RICE was against the measure - with the added preposterous idea that Israel is somehow going to "destabilize" the Middle East.
    Has she taken a look at Iraq recently? Is it at all stable? Is that country still in the Middle East?

    Sunday, October 7, 2007

    BUSH VETO Simple Math

    Appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, house speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding last week's SCHIP veto by el presidente, pointed out the simple computation that medically insuiring 10 million American children for one year = equals the cost of funding 40 days of operation Iraqi quagmire.

    Rice Opposed Mysterious Israel Strike on Syria

    This is rich, Condoleezza Rice opposed Israel’s attack on Syrian nuclear site

    Wednesday, October 3, 2007

    The Bush Vetoes

    1. July 19, 2006: Vetoed H.R. 810, Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005, a bill to ease restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Override attempt failed in House, 235-193 (286 needed).

    2. May 1, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 1591, U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act, 2007. Override attempt failed in House, 222-203 (284 needed). A later version of the bill that excluded certain aspects of the initial legislation that the President disapproved of, H.R. 2206, was enacted as Pub.L. 110-28 with the President's approval.

    3. June 20, 2007: Vetoed S. 5, Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007.

    4. October 3, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 976, An act to amend title XXI of the Social Security Act to extend and improve the Children's Health Insurance Program, and for other purposes.

    Bush Vetoes Healthcare for Poor Children

    Culture of Life, Indeed

    Eliot Spitzer: Why I'm Suing the Bush Administration

    Eliot Spitzer: Why I'm Suing the Bush Administration over Childrens' Healthcare

    GOP Jews - Some Things Never Change

    Republican Jewish Coalition, a paragon of honesty, integrity, pleasantry, and balanced values.

    Not Exactly A Senate Legistlation...Betray Us, Indeed

    Tuesday, October 2, 2007

    Ann Coulter Against Womens' Right To Vote

    Ann Blames Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for 9/11 and Dreams of Denying Women the Vote (which would presumably include herself, pending any drastic medical procedure)

    US Government Officials on Hezbollah Payroll

    A top U.S. Immigration official has been accepting bribes from Hezbollah operatives in America for years. But the U.S. Attorney--Stephen Murphy III, the Justice Department's top official in Eastern Michigan--delays indictment for FOUR Years(!), while he quietly allows the Hezbollah criminals involved to flee the country. FULL STORY

    Jewish National Fund Presents Free Seminar For Jewish Institutions

    Free - Jewish National Fund GoNeutral Bootcamp, a crash course in JNF’s new activism campaign. Learn how to engage and energize your school, synagogue or community to take care of the environment while creating a connection to Israel and JNF. The program will take place at the Marriot East Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Please contact Debbie Scher to register for the program and for more information at or (212) 879-9305, ext 298.
    To learn more about JNF's GoNeutral program visit us at

    GoNeutral Boot Camp Agenda - October 15, 2007; 4:00-7:00PM
    Marriot East Hotel 525 Lexington Avenue (at 49th Street) New York, NY 10017

    1. Opening with Blue Box Bob
    2. Judaism and the Environment, the unique obligation Jews have to help.
    3. Education on the Environment – PowerPoint presentation that will help you understand the problems we are facing and what we need to be doing about them.
    4. Panel Discussion – “The Environmental Challenges faced by Israel and America; What JNF-KKL is doing about them.” (Go Neutral Advisory Board Members – Alon Tal, Tom Hoekstra and Michal Perle)
    5. Overview of JNF Environmental programs and projects
    6. Breakout Sessions to learn about speaking to synagogues, schools and other institutions on the environment and JNF.
    Or, you can just blame the Mexicans like Michael Chertoff, a Jew who will doubtfully be attending.

    That DovBear Is a Funny Guy

    Would you like by an oy?

    The Most Active and Powerful Orthodox Jew in the New York City Council

    The Most Active and Powerfully Accomplished Orthodox Jew in the New York City Council is not Simcha Felder, it is David Weprin, who also happens to be the second most active city council member since Christine Quinn became speaker.
    Mre info: Peter Vallone Jr. leads the pack

    State of New Jersey Sues President Bush over Childrens' Health

    Governor Jon S. Corzine today filed a lawsuit on behalf of the people of the state of New Jersey challenging the letter issued by the Bush Administration limiting eligibility for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The lawsuit accuses the Bush Administration of circumventing the public rule-making process by fundamentally and arbitrarily changing the program via letter, which would have the effect of denying health insurance coverage for over 10,000 New Jersey children.

    "Administration's Course Of Action Will Harm Our Children's Health"

    Eliot Spitzer and New York State join New Jersey among the 7 states in the suit.

    Chertoff: Chemical Pollution; Immigrants are the ones destroying the environment

    Just one more reason to suspect that Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff lost his marbles a long long time ago.
    "Illegal migrants really degrade the environment. I've seen pictures of human waste, garbage, discarded bottles and other human artifact in pristine areas," Chertoff said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "And believe me, that is the worst thing you can do to the environment."
    As if 'native' US Americans weren't a nation of litterbugs before the Mexicans came, not to mention all that rich middle eastern oil burning out the planet.

    Monday, October 1, 2007

    Famed Jewish Actress; Cancer Survivor Eyes Hillary's Senate Seat

    Actress turned activist Fran Drescher, she of Nanny fame, has her sights set on Hillary clinton's senate seat, should Clinton become the next US President.
    Her activism began grimly, when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. "I feel that I got famous, I got cancer, and I lived to tell about it," she says. "Now let's spin this!" Cancer first brought her to Washington, where she teamed with Democrats and Republicans to win passage of Johanna's Law, signed by the president this year, to create a campaign to educate women and health pros about the early signs of ovarian and other gynecological cancers. In June, she created Cancer Schmancer, based in Northern Virginia, to promote women's health issues. Along the way, she says she won first lady Laura Bush's help and was rewarded with a nomination to be a special U.S. envoy on women's health issues. Her appointment is stuck in the usual bureaucracy, but she swears there are no skeletons in her closet. "I'm a good girl, I am," she says. Her further political goal: being a New York senator. "If Hillary wins," she tells us of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton, "I want that seat!"

    Conservatives Pledge to Abadon GOP If Rudy Wins Nomination

    The fundies, neo-cons, christian right base who made* Bush President and have been his biggest supporters, will jump from the republican ship if liberal philanderer adulterer cross dresser flip-flopper Rudy Giuliani becomes the party nominee. (And threaten his chances via third party conservative candidate).

    Giuliani Inspires Threat of a Third-Party Run

    Religious right may blackball Giuliani

    * Yesh Girsaot - some say it was due to 800 senile bubbies in Miami.

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    Rudy's Gun Flip Flop, 9/11 Tourettes, and Mike Huckabee's 72 Ducks in Heaven

    Argentiana's President Blasts Ahmadinejad over 1993 Bombing in Buenos Aries

    Nestor Kirchner had some tough words for the Iranian Dictator and his country's involvement / lack of cooperation concerning the 1994 AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aries killing 85 people.
    Argentina's president denounced Iran's lack of cooperation in solving a terrorist attack on a Jewish center.
    Nestor Kirchner in his speech Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly denounced the lack of Iranian cooperation in solving the 1994 terrorist attack on the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires.
    “I want to stress here, in the United Nations headquarters, that unluckily and until today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has not collaborated with the Argentine Justice,” Kirchner said.
    AMIA President Luis Grynwald and Aldo Donzis, the president of the DAIA Jewish political umbrella group, president, both praised the “braveness and force of the speech.” Sergio Burstein, spokesman for the “Familiares” victims’ relatives group, praised Kirchner as well. Familiares has asked Kirchner to raise the AMIA issue at the United Nations.
    From its Buenos Aires headquarters, the Simon Wiesenthal Center lauded Kirchners’ “eloquent” speech and sought cooperation from the international community in the search for justice in the AMIA case.
    In November 2006, the Argentine Justice Department demanded that Interpol arrest five Iranians and a Lebanese citizen accused of participating in the AMIA bombing, in which 85 people were killed.
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad followed Kirchner to the U.N. podium.

    Fred Thompson and the Teyeristises

    Hmmm... detainees for quesitoning at Guantanamo and Abu Grahib don't deserve due process, but Osama Bin Laden does? This coming from a person who took money advising the defense of terrorists who blew up a commuter airplane, nevermind the fact that his campaign advisor was one of only two senators to not sign a letter to the president condemning terrorist attacks in Israel. I used to think this guy was the Republican's version of a hyped up Obama, but he is much much less than that.

    America Stinks, America Blows, America Is Bad - Do I Sound Unpatriotic?

    Steve Benan Writes:
    It didn't generate much in the way of media attention this week, but a bunch of religious right groups co-sponsored the first-ever "Values Voter" debate a few days ago for the GOP presidential field. The top four (Giuliani, Romney, McCain, and Thompson) stayed away, but seven other Republican presidential hopefuls cozied up to luminaries such as Phyllis Schlafly, Paul Weyrich, and Don Wildmon.
    There were plenty of bizarre questions and answers, but one of the elements of the debate that stood out for me was, oddly enough, the song that got things started. Event organizers invited the Church of God Choir, from Springfield, Ohio, to sing "God Bless America" -- except the lyrics were rewritten. Instead of a song about "the land that I love," and "home sweet home," this version condemns the country, saying we've all turned against God, and that He won't bless us. It was a big hit among the conservative Republicans in the room.
    (The lyrics are here.)
    I'm trying to imagine the response if, say, Yearly Kos hosted a Democratic presidential candidate forum, which started with a rewritten version of "God Bless America" that disparaged the United States.
    It's the kind of thing Fox News would jump all over -- and every Democratic candidate on hand would be asked whether they agreed with the song's lyrical condemnation of the country. Bill O'Reilly would tell us that "God Bless America" is fine the way it is, and it doesn't need to be rewritten by liberals to serve a radical political agenda. Admittedly, it gets tiresome to hear "if this were a Democrat..." but in this case, I think it's appropriate.

    Iraq Invasion Was Foregone Conclusion, Regardless of Saddam

    Tell us something we didn't already know. Oh, you mean Bush told you so?

    Ahmadinejad, Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich

    Yesterday the members of US House of representatives issued condemnations and voted overwhelmingly to officially denounce Irianian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and tighten snactions against him and his government. Holocaust Survivor Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA) led charge which passed 397-16.
    Incidentally, two votes against were Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.
    I've noticed that for several votes taken recently in the house on measures concerning the Middle East, each has passed with very wide margins though two (and sometimes the only 2) dissenting votes were both cast by by 2008 presidential candiates Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Republican Ron Paul.

    Darn Immigrants, Always Screwing Things Up


    To Catch A Predator - Facebook Style

    NY Attorney General Takes on Facebook

    Sunday, September 23, 2007

    Michael J. Fox Praises Israeli Stem Cell Research

    Michael J. Fox Praises Israeli Stem Cell Research
    Fox, who is suffering from Parkinson's Disease, noted that his organization funds a lot of research in Israel.
    "Disease is a non-partisan issue," Fox said. "We just look to whoever can help. What we are really about is getting people together to talk."

    Friday, September 21, 2007

    Senate Confrims Jewish Activist to State Department

    The U.S. Senate confirmed a prominent Jewish activist as chief of protocol for the State Department.
    Nancy Goodman Brinker, a fund-raiser for cancer research and a prominent Republican Jewish activist, assumed her new job on Thursday.
    Brinker, who founded the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation after her sister died of the disease, had previously served as Bush's ambassador to Hungary from 2001-2003. The former Dallas socialite and current Florida resident was easily confirmed by the Senate on Sept. 12.

    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    Rice: Is It a "Peace Process" Or a "Palestinian State Process" Exclusively?

    "The president and I are absolutely devoted to working as hard as we can for the advancement of the Palestinian state"
    Okay, then.
    Food for thought-
    Full transcript and video: Remarks With Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

    Total number of times of times Rice mentioned the Palestinian State and achievement thereof: 11

    Total number of times Rice mentioned peace and achievement thereof: 0

    Coalition forces arrest Iranian Quds Force officer

    Coalition forces arrest Iranian Quds Force officer
    BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces arrested an Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps – Quds Force officer in Sulimaniyah today.
    Contrary to recent diplomatic initiatives, this individual has been involved in transporting improvised explosive devices and explosively formed penetrators into Iraq. Intelligence reports also indicate he was involved in the infiltration and training of foreign terrorists in Iraq.
    The Quds Force is a covert action arm of the Iranian government responsible for aiding lethal attacks against the Iraqi government and Coalition forces.

    "Don't Tase Me, Bro!"


    This Week:
    "We should open the organization's membership to any willing state that meets basic standards of good governance, military readiness, global responsibility -- regardless of location," Giuliani said. "I think we should consider countries such as Australia, Singapore, India, Israel, Japan."
    - Rudolph Giuliani; September 19, 2007

    Nine Months ago:
    "We should be finding ways to upgrade Israel’s relationship with NATO. This could even some day mean membership. NATO’s mission now goes far beyond just Europe. Therefore, it is only natural that NATO seeks to include Israel."
    - John Edwards; January 22, 2007

    The selectively alert outlets were doing cyber cartwheels this morning over Saint Rudy, yet there was little recognition or memory afforded to Senator Edward's clearer and stronger language nine months ago. I'm just sayin...

    RELATED: NSC seeks to place Israel in NATO
    TRACKBACKS: NJDC | Politico

    Trump: Starving US Americans Can Now Buy Maps Thanks to Miss Teen South Carolina

    Remember her from a few weeks ago? Lauren Caitlin Upton (teen usa south carolina) is now officially a high priced model for the Donald Trump agency.

    Considering President Bush's constant boasting about his less then perfect grade point average, perhaps the almanac queen has a future in presidential politics.
    She could team up with Dan Quayle, they would still be smarter than Bush.

    School Board: Yom Kippur Game is On

    Kid's Yom Kippur Game will not be rescheduled.
    Since when are Jews a "minority" in Florida? Hey Ann Coulter, step up!

    Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    The Columbia Student Article & Thread

    Ahmadinejad to Speak on Campus

    Ahmadinejad at Ground Zero: Who Said It?

    "It is unacceptable for Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who refuses to renounce and end his own country’s support of terrorism, to visit the site of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil in our nation’s history."

    A) Fred Thompson
    B) Ban Ki Moon
    C) Dick Cheney
    D) Hillary Clinton

    Rabbinical Decree: OK To Wear Crocs on Yom Kippur

    In case you were worried about wearing Croc for Yom Kippur as it is forbidden to wear leather shoes, Rabbi Yonah Metzger has issued a psak that indeed it is ok and just case you didn't get the memo, the prohibition against "Naalei Sandal" applies to leather only.

    Former Chief Rabbi Critically Ill

    Former Israeli Chief Rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva of the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva, Rabbi Avraham Shapira is in critical condition. A mass prayer gathering in his merit took place yesterday at the western wall.
    הרב הגאון אברהם אלקנה הכהן בן הענע רייזיל (כהנא שפירא) שליט"א

    Blind Psychologist bids to be first Rabbi Elected to Congress

    He's blind, he's a psychologist with a Harvard Phd and a busy bio/cv; taught, published and practiced for 30 years; received "private" semicha (rabbinic ordination) a mere 4 years ago and serves as Rabbinical Associate at a reform congregation in Alpine, NJ. Who is democrat Rabbi Dr. Dennis Shulman?

    [ CV ]


    Update, More Media coverage of candidacy:
    The Forward: New Jersey Rabbi Aims for Pulpit on Capitol Hill
    Paramus Post: Democrat Dennis Shulman Forms Committee to explore U.S. Congress run
    Blue Jersey: New Challenge to Garrett in NJ-5
    After growing up in a close-knit Reform community in Worcester, Mass., Shulman said, he arrived at Brandeis University as an undergraduate interested in a career in the rabbinate but switched gears after a crisis of faith prompted by the loss of a girlfriend to leukemia during his freshman year. More than 30 years later, after completing coursework at New York’s Academy for Jewish Religion, Shulman was privately ordained by a panel of rabbis led by Rabbi Jack Bemporad, spiritual leader of Chavurah Beth Shalom in Alpine, N.J. Shulman long attended the synagogue with his wife and his two grown daughters and now serves as its rabbinical associate.
    UPDATE: Here's a new article with a full-length interview - Dennis Shulman: Psychologist, Rabbi and Congressional Candidate


    Maariv: Bono of U2 fame is a Bonofide member of the Tribe

    For the hebrew impaired, according to the Maariv article, (recounting from the Chabad website Col Chabad) the rock star encountered an emissary of Chabad Lubavitch on a Manhattan street who obviously had no clue who he was. According to the account they made small talk, and Bono (born in Ireland as Paul David Hewson) explained that he was 'half Jewish' since his mother is Jewish. According to Jewish tradition, having a Jewish mother makes a person a full fledged Jew according to the Halacha (jewish law). The emissary then gave Bono a picture of the grand rabbi of Lubavitch, helped him don a Yarmulka and Teffilin (prayer philacteries) and proceeded to help the celebrity recite the Shema Yosroel prayer before the larged crowd that gathered to observe. Bono requested if he may keep the yarmulka as he has an upcoming performance in Israel.

    According to all available accounts, Bono's Irish mother and father were Protestant and Roman Catholic respectively. There are also no available photographs of the supposed incident.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Pushing Israel to Pre 1967 Borders

    "And we're working toward the goal of a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel in peace. Prime Minister Sharon's plan to remove all settlements from Gaza and several from the West Bank is a courageous step toward peace. His decision provides an historic moment of opportunity to begin building a future Palestinian state. This initiative can stimulate progress toward peace by setting the parties back on the road map, the most reliable guide to ending the occupation that began in 1967. "
    Who said it?

    A) John Kerry
    B) Hillary Clinton
    C) Bill Clinton
    D) George W. Bush

    Republican Jewish Coalition Seeks New Mascot

    Not that it was ever a legitimate claim, when they constantly maligned the Democratic party with Cindy Sheehan, who now made her ideas official, as she will now take on another prominent Democrat, Nancy Pelosi for her congressional seat. Bet the RJC would rather have Sheehan in congress than Pelosi.

    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Rally Demonstration Against Forgetting Israeli MIAs, Ironically Forgets Israeli MIAs

    I don't understand this. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations together with the Jewish Community Relactions Council of New York are holding a "Free them now" rally on July 16th to demonstrate on behalf of Israeli soldiers missing in action, specifically the 3 kidnapped last summer as it will be one year since their capture. The bill for the event, as advertised by The Conference of Presidents, The Orthodox Union, and the World Zionist Organization all use the same billing and script with the tagline "Show the world we have not forgotten and will not forget them" which seems a little ironic, considering the omission of at least 5 other soldiers missing in action, 3 of which just this month passed their 25th year anniversary in captivity. What does this mean for the new captives? Will they too become irrelevant in a few years? What message does this send to the families of both the old and new captives? Anyone attending this rally should be there to support all of the MIAs and their respective families and demonstrate for the release of all of them.

    Israel's Missing Children - Please Read

    Sadly, you won't find anything like this of informative and detailed historic quality in any of our illustrious anglo Jewish Weeklies. Leave it to a British Christian...very thorough and worth reading, even if you know the stories. Patrick Reilly traveled to Israel and met with some of the families of Israeli Soldiers missing in action. From the aging Baumel and Katz families, to the young Shalits.
    Israel’s Missing Children - 25 years of faith, hope, and love

    I can't choose which parts to blockquote...just read the whole thing...

    Rally Demonstration Against Forgetting Israeli MIAs, Ironically Forgets Israeli MIAs

    I don't understand this. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations together with the Jewish Community Relactions Council of New York are holding a "Free them now" rally on July 16th to demonstrate on behalf of Israeli soldiers missing in action, specifically the 3 kidnapped last summer as it will be one year since their capture. The bill for the event, as advertised by The Conference of Presidents, The Orthodox Union, and the World Zionist Organization all use the same billing and script with the tagline "Show the world we have not forgotten and will not forget them" which seems a little ironic, considering the omission of at least 5 other soldiers missing in action, 3 of which just this month passed their 25th year anniversary in captivity. What does this mean for the new captives? Will they too become irrelevant in a few years? What message does this send to the families of both the old and new captives? Anyone attending this rally should be there to support all of the MIAs and their respective families and demonstrate for the release of all of them.

    The Ultimate Flip Flop - Rudy Giuliani Flounders

    He had a very bad week, filled with bad news and scandals. So what does he do? He goes back to the one thing he has going for him, and tries to redirect it. Very Poorly.
    What did he say exactly?
    June 2007:
    "Islamic terrorists killed more than 500 Americans before Sept. 11. Many people think the first attack on America was on Sept. 11, 2001. It was not. It was in 1993," said the former New York mayor.
    Giuliani argued that Clinton treated the World Trade Center bombing as a criminal act instead of a terrorist attack, calling it "a big mistake" that emboldened other strikes on the Khobar Towers housing complex in Saudi Arabia, in Kenya and Tanzania and later on the USS Cole while docked in Yemen in 2000.
    "The United States government, then President Clinton, did not respond," Giuliani said. "(Osama) bin Laden declared war on us. We didn't hear it."
    Maybe it was the air in Pat Robertson's auditorium, who knows, but not too long ago, the Deity of Nine Eleven had said -
    September 2006:
    "The idea of trying to cast blame on President Clinton is just wrong for many, many reasons, not the least of which is I don't think he deserves it," Giuliani said during a stop in Florida. "I don't think President Bush deserves it. The people who deserve blame for Sept. 11, I think we should remind ourselves, are the terrorists - the Islamic fanatics - who came here and killed us and want to come here again and do it."
    Nevermind the fact, that the mayor of New York city in 1993 did nothing to improve the synching of the first responders, or improving their antiquated communications devices (that were still being used in '01) or increasing security and nothing like that. Naah, he was too busy chasing those pesky sgueegie men to worry about terrorism.

    Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    SHE DID IT AGAIN! Condi Rice Calls Hamas a "Resistance" Movement!

    UPDATE - WorldNetDaily Article: Rice calls Hamas 'resistance movement' But unscripted remarks about terror group not published by paper

    February 2007 - Remember this? Well she did it again.
    June 8th 2007 - In a interview with the editorial board of the Daily News, US Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleeza Rice refers to a time that hamas was supposedly a "resistance" movement...does anyone realize the implication of the idea of submitting to the legitimacy that the terrorist group at one time was resisting something? The US State Department clearly classifies Hamas to be the trror organization that it is, yet the Secretary now has an established pattern as referring to them as a "resistance" group. GOP Jews were all apologetic last time. How about now? How about playing the partisan role reversal game? Less than 5 months ago, Condi called Hamas a resistance movement during a European Television interview. While some called on her to apologize, others waved it off as no big deal. Now what?
    SECRETARY RICE: Mort, I fully accept that there are downsides to elections in immature political systems where democratic institutions haven't quite taken hold yet. The problem is I can't figure any other way to get the democratic institutions. I think that the -- my father used to say if you're on the horns of a dilemma, choose one; don't try to hang on both simultaneously.

    And here is the problem, if you don't begin the politics of contestation because you're afraid of who might contest, then you're never going to get there. So yes, there are some downsides to the fact that over this long period of time, probably the most organized forces have been radical forces, not moderate forces. But if you say, "Well, we're going to wait until moderate forces organize so that they can contest the politics," you will -- you'll never get moderate forces because authoritarian regimes, authoritarian politics will continue to squeeze out the development of moderates. So I fully admit you may go through some rather uncomfortable transition, but I could make an argument to you about what happened in the territories, for instance; that it has been very interesting to see Hamas trying to come to terms with no longer being, really a resistance movement, but having to deal with politics.

    A moderate Palestinian friend of mine said, "You know, they used to be the great resistance, running the streets with their faces covered and going after Israel. And now, they look like a bunch of politicians who also can't make the sewer system work." And they're clearly uncomfortable in that framework, which is part of why I think you see the military wing of Hamas trying to make this again about Israel and the Palestinians, not about the contestation of politics inside the Palestinian territories. So I admit it's uncomfortable, but I think it's also necessary.

    FLASHBACKS (Jan/Feb 2007)
    The Old Petition | Signatures |

    POSTED 6/26/07 1:20pm

    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    Wife and Bereaved Mother Confronts Witch Who Called For Husband's Murder on National TV

    SOMEONE SHOULD ASSASINATE ANN COULTER - Calling For The Death of A Presidential Candidate On National TV By Terrorist Attack

    So if it is unpatriotic to question the government invasion of citizen's rights, what do you call it when a noted former official, and journalist goes on a national morning show and calls for the death of a US senator and presidential candidate by way of terrorist attack? Does she hope for another terrorist attack if indeed it will kill him? How does this go by uncriticzed? How do you explain this to his children whose mother is battling a deadly disease? Are these the type of family values ungodless half-naked people espouse?

    Seriously, imagine if some fan of John Kerry's said this about some neo con? Imagine if any one of use tried to say something like this about anyone, much less a public official how quickly we might get arrested? This evil woman is the best selling spokesperson for everythig that is corrupt in this country, and this type of behavior is tolerated? And John Kerry got it heck for accidentally calling soldiers stupid?

    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    Mobius has a way with words...

    GOP Rejects $2.4B for Israel to Prevent Africa from Getting Condoms
    What gets me is how the other side would be beating this if the partisan roles were reversed. GOP Jews take note, preventing birth control programs in aids riddled African Countries is more important to 164 of your "best friends" than sending millions in aid to Israel during a time of crisis.

    Friday, June 22, 2007

    Democratic Congress; Aid To Israel; Hypocrite Republicans; Birth Control; Aaron Sorkin

    In a nutshell...Democrats successfully pass millions in Aid to Israel (a package wholly supported by AIPAC) despite the fact that 164 hypocrite Republican congressmen (supposedly Israel's Best Friends) voted against the aid package, apparantly due to the potential for a alittle to go to some potential birth control...opposition to which is more important and far exceeds the importance of helping Israel in a time of crisis...Flashback to a 2002-03 season episode of The West Wing, and you leanr that some things never change.




    Sunday, June 3, 2007

    Sneaky Bushie

    Via JTA:
    President Bush extended a waiver on moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem just days before a Congressional vote on whether to urge him to move the embassy.

    The White House released the text of the waiver of the 1995 law on Friday night, a "dead" time for news organizations and after the Jewish Sabbath had begun. Waiving the law, the statement said, "is necessary to protect the national security interests of the United States." It adds: "My Administration remains committed to beginning the process of moving our Embassy to Jerusalem."

    The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote Tuesday on a non-binding resolution congratulating Israel on 40 years of reunifying the city and urging the president to make good on the 1995 law. The Senate is considering a similar resolution. Bush has consistently waived the law, as did his predecessor, Bill Clinton.

    My Friend Got Married, Mazal T- I mean Oy, Nebach! How dreadful for you!

    Way back, we (the relatively small circle of Jewish Blogs) often circulated the "SLOW" - stupid letter of the week that might have appeared in one of the recent J-weeklies. These of course were supplemented by the many stange things people wrote in their respective columns.
    It has been a long while, but I daresay this has got to be one the stupidest. ever. sheesh.

    Thursday, May 31, 2007

    Democrats, Bush and Jeruslaem

    Front page Today's NYSun - Democratic Congress Calls out Bush to fulfill long unfulfilled campaign promise- to move the American embassy in Israel to the capital city of Jerusalem

    - The Irony of it all -

    The Praise for the resolution:
    The Ignored, Unacknowleged Unprescedented Yom Yerushalayim American Snub:

    The Other Ignored, par for the Course Snub:

    In context, as used in campain, double standard, hypocrisy, etc.

    the Republican Jewish Coalition cites a report in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz that "Al Gore has stated he would delay moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv until a final status agreement is forged between Israel and the Palestinians." "This is in direct conflict with the will of Congress which passed legislation mandating the move in 1995," the RJC [Republican Jewish Coalition] reports. "By contrast, Governor Bush has pledged that he would move the embassy to Jerusalem as soon as he was sworn in as President."

    Friday, May 4, 2007

    Speaking of Guilt By Disassociation...

    Ten of them - and they can't even say his name.
    Republican White House hopefuls Thursday night frequently invoked the name of former President Ronald Reagan during the first GOP presidential debate but avoided mentioning the current president by name.
    Until the final question, which specifically asked the ten candidates how they would be different from President Bush, the name of the commander in chief was uttered only once by a candidate, according to a transcript of the event. In fact, they mentioned Bush’s brother Jeb and his father George H. W. Bush as many times as the current chief executive.
    Ten middle aged white men who seek desire to be annoited as his successor. Ten people who are members of the party which he leads as the supreme commander guy. Ten people who enabled him and gave him a free pass. And none of them can even say his name.

    Talk about setting the tone.

    Barry Hussein Christian Danforth Herbert Walker Jefferson Rodham Benito Double Yoo - Hey George, What's in a name?

    It's kinda nauseating already - every time Ann Coulter and her ratkateers insist on referencing emphasizing the Illionois senator as Barack Hussein Obama - for no reason other than to remind people that he carries the same name as a well known evil doer. For no reason other than to draw a non existent distant paralel and associate Obama with another person named Hussein.

    If they are going to be so strict about the rules of proper fullnaming, then perhaps they should at least be consistent, and be mindfully careful to pronounce everyone in their proper full names. (After all, that was the entire basis of the '04 campaign, professed consistency against a giant pair of beach slippers).

    If you are going to be so formal as to constantly interject Barack Hussein Obama every chance you get, it would be inconsistent even disprespectful not to afford the same courtesy to Richard Bruce Cheney, John Sidney McCain and Karl Christian Rove.

    Here's an another idea. Suppose others were to stoop to such an inane level of schoolyard taunting, one might choose to consider a similar yet more pathetically congruent guilt by association. The ironic current republican frontrunner, Rudy Giuliani has a very famous middle initial. So famous that if people were to adopt it as a new reference for the deity, his identity could be reminiscent of a moniker synonymous with the term "collasal failure." Giuliani's middle initial is W. Officially, he has been referred to many times as Rudolph W. Giuliani.

    Dubya. Has a nice ring to it.

    Thursday, May 3, 2007


    YU's Wurzweiler School of Social Work shall bestow honors on Congressman Charlie Rangel during their upcoming anniversary conference next week. Rangel, the 18 term congressman and chairman of the house ways and means committee represents the district which Yeshiva calls home. NY1 city politics maven Dominic Carter will also address the conference.
    Irrespective, the aforementioned apprant District 15 congressional campaign by an intrepid young former YU student presses on.

    Also, for those who missed it the other day, journalist Tim Russert of NBC's Meet The Press will delviver the keynote address at this year's Yeshiva University commencement.

    BTW, The first round of best post voting is almost over, don't forget to vote for The Town Crier:

    Touro 2.0

    Beyond cookie cutter website maintenence,
    Lander / Touro College has rolled out their new better looing more informative and comprensive web site. Very nice.

    Wednesday, May 2, 2007

    Who Said It?

    "Hillary Clinton is my least favorite Democrat"

    A) Don Imus
    B) Cindy Sheehan
    C) Ralph Nader
    D) Michael Badnarik


    Let me see...Pelosi was bad because we don't talk to bad people...unless we talk to the bad people...then its ok. Riiiiggght. Wash Post: Rice to Meet Syrian Foreign Minister
    Nico lays it all out:
    After State Department Attacked Pelosi, Rice To Meet With Syrian Leader
    Word of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) bipartisan delegation to Syria was first made public on March 30 during a State Department press briefing.
    Spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters, “In our view, it’s not the right time to have those sort of high-profile visitors to Syria… [W]e don’t think it would be appropriate for high-level visitors, even those from the Congress, to pay a visit to Syria right now.”
    Apparently, one month later, the time is right to meet with Syrian officials:
    A senior Iraqi official and a senior Arab diplomat say Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will meet Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem in Egypt on Thursday or Friday.
    It would be Rice’s first meeting with a Syrian foreign minister since she took over at the State Department in 2005, adding potentially significant bilateral talks to a regional session meant to help stabilize Iraq.
    As Carpetbagger notes, “Literally just one month ago, the Bush administration said U.S. officials should not have contact with the Syrian government.” Vice President Cheney called Pelosi’s effort “bad behavior.” President Bush said Pelosi’s delegation was “counterproductive.”
    White House spokeswoman Dana Perino suggested Pelosi was visiting to “have a photo opportunity and have tea” with Syria’s prime minister.
    The supreme irony: two weeks ago, President Bush reportedly pulled Pelosi aside after a meeting and “told her he did not criticize her recent trip to Syria.” Bush told Pelosi “in an unsolicited comment that it was actually the State Department that criticized her.”
    UPDATE: Dovbear weight in his thoughts in "Terrorist Appeaser Alert."

    Indiana University Study: Bill O'Reilly much worse than Don Imus

    A new research study out of Indiana University finds that fake war on Christmas Fox News host Bill O'Reilly uses derogatory names more than once every seven seconds. Perhaps he should see Dr. Phil about managing his misplaced anger.

    Most Famous Black Hat

    Ami Eden tells The Story of Jack's Hat:
    A New York Times editorial urging enhanced congressional campaign-donation disclosure rules begins by stating that “Congress is still haunted by the black hat and easy-money grin of Jack Abramoff…”
    It’s worth noting that the Forward cracked the mysteryof this black hat that is, apparently, still haunting Capitol Hill way back in January 2006: It’s a $200 Borsalino Como II fedora purchased by Abramoff from Brooklyn’s Bencraft Hatters.

    Moadim Lsimcha - We all get another chance

    Deep Thought: Don't underestimate the significance of the institution of Pesach Sheni.

    Tuesday, May 1, 2007

    The Irony of a Presidential Proclamation

    This reminds me of the "Jesus Day" proclamation made all those years ago by a certain Texas governor.
    Pro and con debate over the necessity of "Jewish American Heritage Month" aside, which was the legistlative brainchild of jewish lawmakers Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) , I found the a small part of the presidential declaration to be quite ironic, possibly troubling, definitely worth noting.
    Jewish American Heritage Month, 2007 A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America
    The faith and hard work of Jewish Americans have played an integral role in shaping the cultural fabric of America. During Jewish American Heritage Month, we celebrate the vital contributions of Jewish Americans to our Nation.
    Throughout our history, Jewish Americans have contributed to the strength of our country and the preservation of our values. The talent and imagination of these citizens have helped our Nation prosper, and their efforts continue to remind us of America's gift of religious freedom and the blessings of God's steadfast love. Jewish Americans have worked to promote civil rights and build bridges of mutual understanding among the world's religions. Their deep commitment to faith and strong ties to family enrich our country and set a positive example for others.
    This month is also a time to recognize the sacrifices of Jewish Americans who serve our Nation in the Armed Forces. These brave men and women are dedicated to freedom's cause, and all those who live in freedom live in their debt.
    Jewish American Heritage Month is an opportunity to honor the accomplishments of Jewish-American citizens and to remember that our Nation is a melting pot of cultures. I join all Americans in celebrating the rich Jewish heritage and the many ways Jewish Americans contribute to a bright future for our country.
    NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do herebyproclaim May 2007 as Jewish American Heritage Month. I call upon all Americans to observe this month with appropriate programs and activities to honor Jewish Americans across the country.
    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-first. GEORGE W. BUSH
    Emphasis mine, irony implicit.

    Israeli Muppets Return - Now With Arab Friends

    After nearly a decade, the Israeli version of Sesame Street is returning to the Israeli airwaves. Somethings remain the same, and some new things adding new elements. Read all about it:
    AP - After years off the air, Sesame Street returns to Israel, Palestinian areas
    JTA - 'Sesame Street' returns to Israel

    Mayday - News, Jews, Noise

    "Blacks and Jews' come together to plant trees in memory of Coretta Scott King.

    ForgiveMeFatherForIHaveSinnedDotCom - Online confessionals are all the rage. Think there's any market for this in the Jewish world? Kinda reminds me of that old Rechnitzer rejects advertisement for "Viduy on Video."

    Is Michael Bloomberg the second coming of Ross Perot? Steve Forbes, maybe.

    Nahal Haredi - the all haredi (ultra orthodox) brigade of the Israeli Defense Forces is launching a massive International recruitment camapign.

    What days is it? Condi's "few months" for the surge to work are up, especially since GOP congresspeople have threatened to switch sides since 'if' the surge fails. especially since . And its only costing us 500 Billion.

    Yeshiva Boy Aims To Challenge Charlie Rangel in Bid For Congress

    JIB Awards for best post - three nominations for "The Deceptive Tenacity of The Republican Jewish Coalition"

    Anyway, about the ex Yeshiva boy in District 15 (Washington Heights) - Here is a link to his ampaign website and his facebook group. Apparantly he does not want to "sound like a huge tool." Readers may remember Zechariah "Zee" Mehler from such previous blogposts as the "Jewish American Civil Liberties Union." Oy.

    Tim Russert to Keynote YU Commencement

    If it's Tuesday, It's Meet the Press (release)

    What do Tim Russert, Mike Steinhardt and Coach Stan Watson have in common? [Full Story]


    May 1, 2003: "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended." - George W. Bush

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007


    So this week's lost posts follows a few months of blog fatigue, but that didn't stop us from numerous nominations for the current Jewish & Israeli Blog awards (not to be confused with the recent now erroneous "alternative" jewish blog contest).
    The first round of voting opend a couple of days ago. The awards seem to be saturated with more sub categories than netscape community pages.
    The Town Crier has several nominations (not such a phenominal feat for the initial round) including several in the "best post" category for which voting has not yet been enabled.

    In the mean time, show the love for The Crier:

    Thursday, April 19, 2007

    The New Solution to The Barbecue Dillema

    Forget the charcoal grill, forget the gas grill. Now people can help cut down on global warming and take advantage of it at the same time! Seriously though, this is a novel idea whose time has come - the solar powered wirror reflecting barbecue. Check it check it

    Before Clippy Was Killed Off, He Tried To Do One Final Good Deed

    Info: Clippy's Demise The Final Deed

    Social Networking and Virtual Reality: MySpace, Facebook and Other Evil Things

    Out of touch jewish educators and parents are slowly catching on, but they still don't even know the half of it...
    The party, as parties involving adolescents often do, got a little out of hand. Photos were snapped, some of which were wholly inappropriate, especially for the students of a New York area yeshiva high school for girls. One sophomore in particular got rowdy, taking suggestive photos of her partially exposed body, according to a number of those present at the party.

    That should have been the end of it. The girls at the school, whose name is being withheld to protect the offending student, should have gone home and let the memory of the evening slowly dissipate. It should have been a passing moment.

    But the rowdy girl posted a photograph of herself on Facebook, the popular online social network. Another girl, one with an axe to grind, according to several students familiar with the incident, downloaded the photograph of her nemesis and had it sent to the school’s administrators. A few weeks later, the girl who had taken the photo — who had been accepted to the school on probation — left the school, enrolling instead in a public high school, according to a source with intimate knowledge of the situation. The Facebook posting seemed to contribute to her leaving.

    “This was just a fight between two girls, and it should have stayed that way,” said one student at the school who asked to remain nameless.

    Other students at the school, however, disagree. “The Facebook thing just made [the girl’s situation] worse,” said one student, “but it’s not like she didn’t have any other problems at school. The posting was just the last straw, that’s all.”
    Virtual Values, Real Victims Students and administrators at Jewish schools grapple with pitfalls of online social networking.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Vast Left Wing Conspiracies - Up a creek in a swift boat without a paddle

    We know what happened to John. But where was Rudolph?

    Republicans are The Party of Family Values

    Wisconsin Daily Calls For GOP Thompson To Withdraw From Presidential Race Over Jewish Gaffes

    An editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel rips former governor republican Tommy Thompson over his "jewish" gaffes and calls for his immediate withdrawal from the Presidential Race. (not that he ever had a chance)
    An inexcusable gaffe should spell an end to his candidacy: The former Wisconsin governor's remarks about Jewish tradition reveal him to be unpresidential. If Tommy Thompson's presidential run isn't over, it should be... [Full Text]
    Wow. It is scathing, and its not even a Jewish Weekly.

    You Think Simon Cowell Is Cold Hearted? Think Again

    Adding insult to injury, the lame excuse which followed, courtesy of the mind[less] you will only find on the Fox network:
    "Look, in his defense, Simon felt Chris was cynically deflecting his criticism," a FOX executive explained. "It was unfortunate... he clearly was unaware the camera was on him when he rolled his eyes, and he was hardly making a rude gesture to the victims."