Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rally Demonstration Against Forgetting Israeli MIAs, Ironically Forgets Israeli MIAs

I don't understand this. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations together with the Jewish Community Relactions Council of New York are holding a "Free them now" rally on July 16th to demonstrate on behalf of Israeli soldiers missing in action, specifically the 3 kidnapped last summer as it will be one year since their capture. The bill for the event, as advertised by The Conference of Presidents, The Orthodox Union, and the World Zionist Organization all use the same billing and script with the tagline "Show the world we have not forgotten and will not forget them" which seems a little ironic, considering the omission of at least 5 other soldiers missing in action, 3 of which just this month passed their 25th year anniversary in captivity. What does this mean for the new captives? Will they too become irrelevant in a few years? What message does this send to the families of both the old and new captives? Anyone attending this rally should be there to support all of the MIAs and their respective families and demonstrate for the release of all of them.

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