Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SOMEONE SHOULD ASSASINATE ANN COULTER - Calling For The Death of A Presidential Candidate On National TV By Terrorist Attack

So if it is unpatriotic to question the government invasion of citizen's rights, what do you call it when a noted former official, and journalist goes on a national morning show and calls for the death of a US senator and presidential candidate by way of terrorist attack? Does she hope for another terrorist attack if indeed it will kill him? How does this go by uncriticzed? How do you explain this to his children whose mother is battling a deadly disease? Are these the type of family values ungodless half-naked people espouse?

Seriously, imagine if some fan of John Kerry's said this about some neo con? Imagine if any one of use tried to say something like this about anyone, much less a public official how quickly we might get arrested? This evil woman is the best selling spokesperson for everythig that is corrupt in this country, and this type of behavior is tolerated? And John Kerry got it heck for accidentally calling soldiers stupid?

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