Monday, November 12, 2007

NEW HEBREW WORD - Named For Condi Rice used by Israeli Government Officials - Means Meetings that Accomplish Nothing

New Hebrew word named for Condeleezza Rice
The long build-up to Annapolis, together with Rice's many trips to the region, have given birth to a new verb in Israeli government circles: "lecondel," based on Rice's first name. People say that they don't have time to "lecondel" - meaning, to come and go for meetings that produce few results.

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  • Condi Rice Calls (Terror Group) Hamas a 'Resistance Movement' for 4th Time! ; Jewish Media Remains Silent

    Rice again calls Hamas 'resistance' movement for the fourth time in recent months
    Rice again calls Hamas 'resistance' movement; 4th time in recent months Condi avoids terrorist label in unscripted remarks - by Aaron Klein

    Aloof Jewish Media still giving her a free pass...

    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Rice Once Again Refers to Hamas As Resistance Movement. This the Fourth Time; Equates Iraq and 'Palestine' as Entities

    "And what you've at least got now in Palestine and what you've at least got in Iraq now is contestation between healthy political forces and more radical forces.
    Hamas loved it when it could run the streets, faces covered, toting a few guns, and no responsibility for what happened to the Palestinian people. They were the great resistance force, and their only purpose in life was to threaten Israel."
    - Dr. Condi Rice, Interview with the Dallas Morning News, November 9th, 2007

    !?!? Condi Rice: Golan up for negotiation

    What the heck?


    Archaeologists announced the discovery of the walls of the Prophet Nehemiah uncovered during a recent dig. Of course the Jewish Media are very slow to pick up the story, when the Christian blogs are all over it.

    Bush: Uproot Jews, Give PLO a Contiguous State

    Ignorance is far from bliss. Somethings never change.

    No Alternate Side For observance of Tuesday

    Clyde Haberman does suspension of Alternate Side parkings rules for obscure observances and religious holidays

    Rabbi: Shalom Auslander and noah Feldman are My Fault

    Of pizza, lattes and chocolate cake.
    Rabbinical COuncil of America spokesperson, Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg of Kews Gardens Hills and currently SAR Hebrew Academy, does a 'mea culpa' concerning the recent controversies over the writings of Shalom Auslander and even Noah Feldman. From a simple read, it seems as though Rabbi Rosenberg feels responsible for their religious rebellion for when as their Teacher in high school he did not provide a congruous form of what he received as student via bayit cham.

    Fred Thompson: I Won't Be President

    Even Fred Thompson doubts he'll be president
    Sure, setting low expectations is an old political trick so that the outcome looks better, but uh...this is a bit much for the clown who was supposedly the GOP savior and saving grace in a pool of candidates that is just one big incoherent divided mess.

    Thursday, November 8, 2007

    I'd Rather Pray and Sing...

    Good ... Grief.

    When they came for the jews, the didn't ask who was smart and who was ignorant and who was just plain dumb

    tell us, how much to you really hate Hillary?
    Rest assured, there are plenty of orthodox jews, torah jews and frumme yidden who are just as embarassed by these bretheren as we are.

    WE LOVE THE (homeless) TROOPS!

    News flash: 1 out of every 4 homeless people in America are Veterans. One in four. Hows that for taking care of our troops?

    And to think that the new spin on all 8 years of "pre 9/11" Rudy Giuliani is about how he "cleaned up" midtown by waging war on the squeegie men and turning homelessness into a crime.

    Wednesday, November 7, 2007


    If rogue websites can manufacture advertisement headlines that terrorists endorse Hillary, why can't bloggers do the same? After all, Pat Robertson did say that America deserved 9/11 - a sentiment echoed by the terrorists, and now the self righteous partisan hack has officially endorsed Saint Nineleven himself, Rudy Giuliani for president.

    Thats right people, an advocate of the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans wants the man who has abused those deaths for his own political gain to be this nations leader. Giuliani has gleefully accepted the support of this notorious bigot, whose antagonistic and intolerant views are in lockstep with his late great friend Jerry Falwell.

    Thursday, November 1, 2007


    Twisted Logic and Rhetoric lacking Substance Prevails...

    PERFECTED JEWS! The Ann Coulter Music Video

    Perfected - The Ann Coulter song and video

    The JTA just did a profile of the Song's creator, Leach Kaufman, also the voice behind the infamous "Obama Girl" video.

    FREE RICE! (But Not Condi)


    • Did you know that Bill Clinton supposedly wrote the secret Arab Israeli peace accords forged in Oslo, Norway?
    • Did you know that a former US President supposedly "gets money" from Osama Bin Laden?
    • Did you know that Rudy Giuliani apparantly kicked Arafat at an important meeting?
    • Did you know that The Jewish Press and Palestinian Terrorists endorse the same candidates for US Office?
    • Did you know that Senator Hillary Clinton got herpes from greeeting Suha Arafat?
    • Did you know that Condi Rice is has mad crush on Mahmoud Abbas?
    • Did you know that Abbas, is supposedly a much better non-terrorist than Arafat?
    Neither did we. Boy are we ignorant.
    Read the facts, and only the facts as they can only be explained, by the honest, knowlegable, intelligent truth seekers, lurking the so-called heimishe blogs.