Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So this week's lost posts follows a few months of blog fatigue, but that didn't stop us from numerous nominations for the current Jewish & Israeli Blog awards (not to be confused with the recent now erroneous "alternative" jewish blog contest).
The first round of voting opend a couple of days ago. The awards seem to be saturated with more sub categories than netscape community pages.
The Town Crier has several nominations (not such a phenominal feat for the initial round) including several in the "best post" category for which voting has not yet been enabled.

In the mean time, show the love for The Crier:

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The New Solution to The Barbecue Dillema

Forget the charcoal grill, forget the gas grill. Now people can help cut down on global warming and take advantage of it at the same time! Seriously though, this is a novel idea whose time has come - the solar powered wirror reflecting barbecue. Check it check it

Before Clippy Was Killed Off, He Tried To Do One Final Good Deed

Info: Clippy's Demise The Final Deed

Social Networking and Virtual Reality: MySpace, Facebook and Other Evil Things

Out of touch jewish educators and parents are slowly catching on, but they still don't even know the half of it...
The party, as parties involving adolescents often do, got a little out of hand. Photos were snapped, some of which were wholly inappropriate, especially for the students of a New York area yeshiva high school for girls. One sophomore in particular got rowdy, taking suggestive photos of her partially exposed body, according to a number of those present at the party.

That should have been the end of it. The girls at the school, whose name is being withheld to protect the offending student, should have gone home and let the memory of the evening slowly dissipate. It should have been a passing moment.

But the rowdy girl posted a photograph of herself on Facebook, the popular online social network. Another girl, one with an axe to grind, according to several students familiar with the incident, downloaded the photograph of her nemesis and had it sent to the school’s administrators. A few weeks later, the girl who had taken the photo — who had been accepted to the school on probation — left the school, enrolling instead in a public high school, according to a source with intimate knowledge of the situation. The Facebook posting seemed to contribute to her leaving.

“This was just a fight between two girls, and it should have stayed that way,” said one student at the school who asked to remain nameless.

Other students at the school, however, disagree. “The Facebook thing just made [the girl’s situation] worse,” said one student, “but it’s not like she didn’t have any other problems at school. The posting was just the last straw, that’s all.”
Virtual Values, Real Victims Students and administrators at Jewish schools grapple with pitfalls of online social networking.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vast Left Wing Conspiracies - Up a creek in a swift boat without a paddle

We know what happened to John. But where was Rudolph?

Republicans are The Party of Family Values

Wisconsin Daily Calls For GOP Thompson To Withdraw From Presidential Race Over Jewish Gaffes

An editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel rips former governor republican Tommy Thompson over his "jewish" gaffes and calls for his immediate withdrawal from the Presidential Race. (not that he ever had a chance)
An inexcusable gaffe should spell an end to his candidacy: The former Wisconsin governor's remarks about Jewish tradition reveal him to be unpresidential. If Tommy Thompson's presidential run isn't over, it should be... [Full Text]
Wow. It is scathing, and its not even a Jewish Weekly.

You Think Simon Cowell Is Cold Hearted? Think Again

Adding insult to injury, the lame excuse which followed, courtesy of the mind[less] you will only find on the Fox network:
"Look, in his defense, Simon felt Chris was cynically deflecting his criticism," a FOX executive explained. "It was unfortunate... he clearly was unaware the camera was on him when he rolled his eyes, and he was hardly making a rude gesture to the victims."