Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Maariv: Bono of U2 fame is a Bonofide member of the Tribe

For the hebrew impaired, according to the Maariv article, (recounting from the Chabad website Col Chabad) the rock star encountered an emissary of Chabad Lubavitch on a Manhattan street who obviously had no clue who he was. According to the account they made small talk, and Bono (born in Ireland as Paul David Hewson) explained that he was 'half Jewish' since his mother is Jewish. According to Jewish tradition, having a Jewish mother makes a person a full fledged Jew according to the Halacha (jewish law). The emissary then gave Bono a picture of the grand rabbi of Lubavitch, helped him don a Yarmulka and Teffilin (prayer philacteries) and proceeded to help the celebrity recite the Shema Yosroel prayer before the larged crowd that gathered to observe. Bono requested if he may keep the yarmulka as he has an upcoming performance in Israel.

According to all available accounts, Bono's Irish mother and father were Protestant and Roman Catholic respectively. There are also no available photographs of the supposed incident.

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