Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blind Psychologist bids to be first Rabbi Elected to Congress

He's blind, he's a psychologist with a Harvard Phd and a busy bio/cv; taught, published and practiced for 30 years; received "private" semicha (rabbinic ordination) a mere 4 years ago and serves as Rabbinical Associate at a reform congregation in Alpine, NJ. Who is democrat Rabbi Dr. Dennis Shulman?

[ CV ]


Update, More Media coverage of candidacy:
The Forward: New Jersey Rabbi Aims for Pulpit on Capitol Hill
Paramus Post: Democrat Dennis Shulman Forms Committee to explore U.S. Congress run
Blue Jersey: New Challenge to Garrett in NJ-5
After growing up in a close-knit Reform community in Worcester, Mass., Shulman said, he arrived at Brandeis University as an undergraduate interested in a career in the rabbinate but switched gears after a crisis of faith prompted by the loss of a girlfriend to leukemia during his freshman year. More than 30 years later, after completing coursework at New York’s Academy for Jewish Religion, Shulman was privately ordained by a panel of rabbis led by Rabbi Jack Bemporad, spiritual leader of Chavurah Beth Shalom in Alpine, N.J. Shulman long attended the synagogue with his wife and his two grown daughters and now serves as its rabbinical associate.
UPDATE: Here's a new article with a full-length interview - Dennis Shulman: Psychologist, Rabbi and Congressional Candidate

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