Thursday, May 31, 2007

Democrats, Bush and Jeruslaem

Front page Today's NYSun - Democratic Congress Calls out Bush to fulfill long unfulfilled campaign promise- to move the American embassy in Israel to the capital city of Jerusalem

- The Irony of it all -

The Praise for the resolution:
The Ignored, Unacknowleged Unprescedented Yom Yerushalayim American Snub:

The Other Ignored, par for the Course Snub:

In context, as used in campain, double standard, hypocrisy, etc.

the Republican Jewish Coalition cites a report in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz that "Al Gore has stated he would delay moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv until a final status agreement is forged between Israel and the Palestinians." "This is in direct conflict with the will of Congress which passed legislation mandating the move in 1995," the RJC [Republican Jewish Coalition] reports. "By contrast, Governor Bush has pledged that he would move the embassy to Jerusalem as soon as he was sworn in as President."

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