Friday, May 4, 2007

Speaking of Guilt By Disassociation...

Ten of them - and they can't even say his name.
Republican White House hopefuls Thursday night frequently invoked the name of former President Ronald Reagan during the first GOP presidential debate but avoided mentioning the current president by name.
Until the final question, which specifically asked the ten candidates how they would be different from President Bush, the name of the commander in chief was uttered only once by a candidate, according to a transcript of the event. In fact, they mentioned Bush’s brother Jeb and his father George H. W. Bush as many times as the current chief executive.
Ten middle aged white men who seek desire to be annoited as his successor. Ten people who are members of the party which he leads as the supreme commander guy. Ten people who enabled him and gave him a free pass. And none of them can even say his name.

Talk about setting the tone.

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