Friday, May 4, 2007

Barry Hussein Christian Danforth Herbert Walker Jefferson Rodham Benito Double Yoo - Hey George, What's in a name?

It's kinda nauseating already - every time Ann Coulter and her ratkateers insist on referencing emphasizing the Illionois senator as Barack Hussein Obama - for no reason other than to remind people that he carries the same name as a well known evil doer. For no reason other than to draw a non existent distant paralel and associate Obama with another person named Hussein.

If they are going to be so strict about the rules of proper fullnaming, then perhaps they should at least be consistent, and be mindfully careful to pronounce everyone in their proper full names. (After all, that was the entire basis of the '04 campaign, professed consistency against a giant pair of beach slippers).

If you are going to be so formal as to constantly interject Barack Hussein Obama every chance you get, it would be inconsistent even disprespectful not to afford the same courtesy to Richard Bruce Cheney, John Sidney McCain and Karl Christian Rove.

Here's an another idea. Suppose others were to stoop to such an inane level of schoolyard taunting, one might choose to consider a similar yet more pathetically congruent guilt by association. The ironic current republican frontrunner, Rudy Giuliani has a very famous middle initial. So famous that if people were to adopt it as a new reference for the deity, his identity could be reminiscent of a moniker synonymous with the term "collasal failure." Giuliani's middle initial is W. Officially, he has been referred to many times as Rudolph W. Giuliani.

Dubya. Has a nice ring to it.

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