Friday, October 19, 2007


So in her latest pathetic attempt to misquote herself and further alienate all the other religions, Ann Coulter has made eeven further preposterous accusations and ideas as facts she has completely invented. In order to try and lash out at those who were offended and blasted the half naked emaciated peroxide scalp shrill for her completely inccorecttheological tirade on jews and christians, Coulter went so far as to say that Jews beleive jesus was a raving lunatic. She said this, in a feeble attempt to prove the point that although jews (supposedly, only in Coulter world) think her g-d was a raving lunatic, she is not offended, but though she legitimately should be.

Sorry Ann, hate to burst your bubble this jew doesn' think Jesus was a raving lunatic. In fact, he doesnt even think the perfect followers are raving lunatics.

As Ann Coulter though, "raving lunatic" would be an understatement.
coulter: But Judaism, as I explained -- Christians accept the Old Testament. Jews don't accept the New Testament, so, you know, as long as we're playing this new sport of "he who is offended first wins," if anyone's going to be offended by anyone else's religion, the Jews believe that my savior, a Jew, was a raving lunatic, and you don't see me sniffling and crying.

MEDVED: OK, be --

COULTER: Somehow we manage to get along without slitting one another's throats.

MEDVED: OK. Be careful, because I'm sure this is gonna come back. You don't really want to say -- because Jews do not -- traditional Jews do not really believe --

COULTER: Well --

MEDVED: -- that Jesus was a raving lunatic.

COULTER: I'm glad you don't mention it, but I think you have to.

MEDVED: OK, can we avoid getting into that particular argument, Ann, because -- no you don't.

COULTER: OK, except that my point is I'm not sniffling and crying. These are -- this is what the Old Testament and the New Testament are. You're the chosen people with, you know, Moses taking you out to the desert. We believe all that, all that. The Old Testament anticipates a Christ.

MEDVED: OK, we're coming --

COULTER: You say we --

MEDVED: Hold on. Hold on --

COULTER: -- got the wrong guy.

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