Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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While people continue to question Obama for not criticizing his religious leaders the same question can also be asked of this country's most prominent methodists - the Bush's and Clinton's. Currently, one IS the president, the other wants to be his sucessor.
Beating on Clinton without even disclosing that Bush is too a member of the United Methodist Church is misleading and hypocritical.
I hear what you are saying. Bush isn't running. However, he actually is the president.
Are you saying that we cannot question actual leadership? (A fundemental aspect of our democracy?) Only the candidates deserve scrutiny? What about the people who are elected?
Bush actually IS the president for another whole year. Do you mean to imply that in eleven months from now when and if Hillary is the president that you're questions will no longer apply? Seriously, what you are saying is that in a year from now or six months from now, your challenge to Clinton will no longer apply. For if it doesnt apply to Bush now, it shouldnt apply to his fellow Methodist who will soon be in his same place. No?

BTW, this site has always had a comments feature. Sometime during our hiatus the service (Enetation) seems to have gone down for an undetermined time.

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